Curly Maple and Wenge Mug

Wenge and Curly Maple Grid Mug


Stunning combination of wenge and curly maple strips create an intricate grid design. I don’t make many of these due to the technical challenges, but boy, are they sweet when they’re finished. Holds 25 ounces of your favourite hot or cold beverage.

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6 and a half inches tall by almost 4 and a half inches around.

The inside liner is a two-part food safe epoxy and comes with a lifetime guarantee for normal use.


The lining cannot withstand boiling water, but hot and cold beverages are okay, including hot coffee. Wood makes a great insulator; so its a good choice for wine, soda, or beer.

Now for the logic part: Do not use in the dishwasher or the microwave!

Hand wash with warm soap and water.

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