How do I properly care for my wooden kitchen items?

Wood is porous, so it can expand in water. Handwash only. Do not submerse or keep underwater. Do not put in the dishwater or the microwave.

Are your products durable?
Absolutely! Every one of my creations have several coats of durable finish on them, with some items having as many as 15! I can even do a custom finish for you if you order a custom item and have a particular type of surface finish that you prefer. Feel free to email me with any questions about the finishes that I use, but rest assured, all of my turnings are made to last a LONG time.

Can you make something out of a piece of wood that means something to me?
Absolutely, if the wood is in decent enough shape and is hard enough to be turned into the form that you request. I’ve made cups from old barn boards,  peppermills from wood beams, and bottle stoppers from small scraps from old chairs, so almost anything is possible.

Do you do custom orders?
I love custom orders, as long as the wood is available and you have a reasonable timetable for me to get the piece to you.  I love collaborating with my customers to make something unique, so please send me your request!

Do you offer engraving on your pens?

I prefer not to mark the work after it’s done, but engraving can be arranged if requested.

Can you make a pepper or salt mill to go with my kitchen?
Yes, this is a popular service, and I’m happy to do it. Just contact me and I’ll help you pick out the wood or woods that would best  compliment the environment that the mill will be in. I can also make matching or complimentary mills on request.

How long will my new pepper or salt mill last?
The components that I are use are the best available, as there wouldn’t be much point to putting all of the effort into making you a beautiful mill if the parts broke down in a short time. The mills with an adjustable knob on top come with a lifetime warranty and the “crushgrind” style comes with a 25 year warranty, though I can’t imagine them ever breaking down.  As far as the wood portion of your new mill, I offer a lifetime guarantee on my work, as long as it’s not dropped, burnt  or sent through the dishwasher(yes, it’s happened!). Even if you damage your mill somehow, I may be able to repair it for you for a small fee.

Do you offer bulk discounts?
On large orders of pens or bottle stoppers I’m happy to work with you, but with my other items, the prices are per piece as they take a lot of time and care to make.