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I’ve been working with my hands my entire life but came to woodturning by pure chance after meeting expert woodturner Warren Atkins by happy accident.

We formed an immediate friendship and Warren was kind enough to take me under his wing and teach me the importance of form, wood selection, and most of all, the joy of creating something beautiful out of a piece, or several pieces, of wood. Had it not been for this serendipitous meeting, I don’t believe I would have ever used a lathe, so I will always have an immense appreciation for the gift that he gave me. His tutelage has given me a serious appreciation for high end craftsmanship and also for the amazing beauty found within the wood I work with. With the extremely positive response I’ve received from the few craft shows that I’ve done, I decided to take it a step further and offer my work online as I find no greater joy than having my work be used and appreciated by my customers. This started out as a really fun hobby and has turned into a bit of an obsession, so thank you in advance for helping to keep the craft movement alive and for supporting artisans like myself.


~Tony Fredericks

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